Acquiring The Best Social Media Analytics Tool

If you have a business, you must always be interested in the market’s response to your products. Getting feedback helps you to know how to do business better. For large companies with a social media marketing team, it takes a lot of time to go through all comments and criticism until you conclude the overall response. The market is also dynamic, and the people’s reactions may vary frequently. Consequently, you require an effective social media analytics tool to help you get the correct feedback and help you make proper decisions.

Know What You Want

All social marketing tools work effectively in different circles. You have to know the target you want to achieve for you to decide on the right software to use. You can ask yourself a few questions like:

  • What social media platforms will I major in?
  • How big is my team?
  • What features do I need?
  • What do I want to accomplish with the tool?
  • What should be the team’s experience

Once you answer these questions, you will manage to narrow down the kind of tools you will require for your company. When it comes to selecting the best tool among your shortlisted list, you can now consider other factors. Below, we discuss factors that determine the software you will incorporate.


What is your expected budget for the social media analytics tool? Different software companies offer diverse options for their payment plans. Do you want an all-inclusive package, a combination of free and pay-only services, contract payments, or monthly payments? All these are options from various companies depending on what you want for your firm.

The Training Required

Knowing the complexity of the software will help you know if your team has the required skillset or if they will need further training. You can go for easy-to-use software that will require minimal training and set your team ready to operate. If the system is very complex, you may incur extra expenses to train your team before they can start working. This cost may keep recurring, especially if you bring a new person to the team.

Team Work

If you have more than one person on your social media analytics team, you require a tool that will grant them access easily and also help you set different permission levels. This will ease the use of the software and keep everyone monitoring their side of the work. You should choose a tool that can help you delegate different platforms to different people and allow interaction on the social media platforms according to each person’s capacity.

Customer Experience

A good software company will have after-sale services to help you understand the tool and use it effectively. Whenever you have a question on how to better your experience, your software provider should be available to answer your questions and help you in decision-making. This allows your social media analytics team to enjoy using the software and benefit the company maximally.


Above everything, the software you choose should guarantee the security of the company’s social profiles. You should be able to limit the information posted on the sites and prevent confidential company information from going to the public. A two-step login would be a great advantage to management to avoid hacking or easy access to information.

Tools like NetbaseQuid give you an excellent customer experience and expert advice. The team will get fast responses from all around the globe since the software operates in over 100 languages. Our software is simple to learn and will help your team get very reliable results. The company also offers additional exciting software to make your social media analytics team have a lighter workload.

Getting your best social media analytics tool is not a one-day activity. When you shortlist potentially suitable tools, get time to perform a test drive before purchasing. Only choose the software that rhymes with your company’s needs, which will not cost you unnecessarily. The right software will ensure you get accurate feedback and dominate your market above your competitors.