Common Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Innovative Product

Developing a product involves several important steps that lead to the final product. Product design is barely a new term today, but not everyone understands what it actually means. Thus, in simple terms, it is the process of developing a usable product that meets the needs of the end consumers or users. 

It involves a variety of tasks, such as research,prototyping, design and testing. But when it comes to electronic product design, there are a few aspects that must be considered. Failure to do so often leads to setbacks. 

Thus, let us check out some common mistakes people make when it comes to electronic product design.

  • Cost inaccuracy

One has to be really farsighted when it comes to electronic product design. Further, there’s usually more than one prototype run required, as the first run may not be accurate all the time, or the design may face optimization problems. So, it is important to take note of the incurred costs in order to manage the end product effectively.

  • Failure to test 

Product testing is one of the most crucial steps of electronic product design. Testing the functionality of a product is important to determine further inputs and changes in the environment. Failure to test the product has often led to serious problems. So, when product testing is carried out at all the steps, it eliminates the risks of product failure.

  • Cramming features

While it is easy to cram too many features in a product, it can lead to malfunctioning at times. So, starting off with a few features that can be attended to, is always better than giving insufficient attention to all the excessive features. This is where testing is proved helpful as issues caused by cramming features can be addressed at the testing stage. 

  • Touch of reality

Business must not drift away from reality. Unrealistic expectations and promises are yet another common mistake that businesses make. It is important to be realistic while designing a product so that the end consumers are not disappointed. 


It is important to have a clear vision and an execution plan when it comes to electronic product design. Orthogone software engineering excels in designing high-performance networking equipment and provides consultancy services in electronic product design and digital transformation.