Excel Automation and How to use it.

What is Excel Automation, you ask? Let’s go through everything that has to do with automation in Excel and how to apply it in detail. Do see Lio App

Microsoft Excel has been a part of our lives for a while, and because to its incredible capability, it has been assisting organisations in calculating data across any amount. Pivot tables, graphs, pie charts, data compilation, and much more may all be done in Excel.

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Excel automation is a technique for employing a programme to carry out activities automatically without any operator assistance. You can use robotic process automation, or RPA, to incorporate Excel activities into automated processes.

Excel can automate a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Obtaining information from a website and saving it in Excel
  • Moving data between spreadsheets by copying and pasting
  • Text and data manipulation with styling and formatting
  • Interacting with databases, text files, etc.
  • Making fresh documents.

Microsoft Excel is a universal tool that can be used in all industries, regardless of what business you are in. It drives data simply and greatly simplifies our work. Data organisation and analysis may benefit from it. However, copying and pasting values or even reformatting data in documents wastes a lot of time. Therefore, automating Excel is crucial since it will help us save a lot of time. It may also relieve individuals of their primary duties.

Excel automation is not difficult, and using it does not require you to be a programmer or developer. To manage your firm more effectively, you can learn how to automate and use most of the macro processes.


Excel automation has a number of advantages, which you will discover as you begin to utilise it. The advantages are:

  • Decreased mistakes.
  • Saving time.
  • Improved and more efficient reporting.
  • The he capability of integrating with more Microsoft Suite programmes
  • Possibility of cost reduction due to time saved.
  • Possibility of increasing employee retention due to the reduction of repetitive, exhausting, and tedious physical labour.
  • No requirement for programming or scripting
  • Elimination of dependency on important people.


Excel automation is very common in many industries and disciplines since it makes work much more effective and straightforward without a lot of mistakes or repetitive activities. It is widely employed in many areas, including manufacturing, finance, and human resources.

Top industries that use automation include

Financial Services Healthcare Manufacturing Public Sector Sales & Marketing Business Process Automation.