How privnote protects your sensitive information?

Privnote is a popular online service that allows users to share text, images, audio, and files privately. It protects sensitive information by making the content inaccessible after it is read once.

When a user creates a new privnote, they enter the message text and optionally add a password. The privnote is then assigned a unique URL that the creator shares with the intended recipient via email, chat, or social media. The recipient simply clicks on the privnote URL to view the message. However, unlike regular URLs that display the same content indefinitely, a privnote only be accessed once before being destroyed automatically. Here is an overview of what happens when a privnote is created and viewed:

  1. The privnote creator enters the message text on the Privnote website. They also add optional extras like:
  • An expiration time – choose when the note destroys itself automatically
  • Password protection
  • Email notification when viewed
  1. The message text is encrypted on the Privnote server. It prevents anyone, including Privnote employees, from accessing the content.
  2. A unique URL is generated that contains the encrypted message text.
  3. The creator shares the URL with the intended recipient via email, chat, social media, etc.
  4. When the recipient clicks the URL, the Privnote server decrypts it and displays it.
  5. After being viewed once, the privnote is destroyed automatically from the Privnote server. The URL becomes invalid.

This one-time decryption process guarantees that future access to the privatemessage is impossible. Even if the URL is shared further, it will no longer display any content.

Why use privnote for sensitive data?

There are several key benefits of using Privnote compared to regular communication methods:

  • Encrypted Content – The message text will be encrypted before being stored on Privnote’s servers. It prevents any unauthorized access to the content by third parties. Not even Privnote staff decrypt privnotes.
  • Self-Destructing – Unlike normal websites and messages, a privnote self-destructs after being read once by the recipient. Messages cannot be accessed again in the future, providing peace of mind.
  • No Permanent Records – No data or records are retained on the Privnote servers once a privnote is destroyed after reading. There is no permanent copy of the encrypted message text.
  • Anonymous – No usernames, accounts, or logins are required to create or view privnotes. The process is completely anonymous for both the creator and recipient.
  • Text Only – Privnotes only contain text, images, audio, and files. It does not support hyperlinks which helps minimize security issues and abuse.
  • Open Source – Privnote is open-source software with its code available on GitHub. This transparency allows independent security experts to audit the encryption and security practices.
  • Additional Password Protection – For extra security, privnote creators add an optional password. The recipient needs to enter the password before they view the note.
  • Customizable Expiration Time – A privnote configured to auto-destruct after a specific period ranging from 1 minute to 1 week. Great for time-sensitive messages.
  • Notifications When Viewed – Privnote is configured to send an email notification to the creator when the recipient views the note. Useful for confirmation.