How to Verify the Validity of an Email Address

If your business relies on regular email communication, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of sending out messages and receiving no replies. In the real world, not all email addresses remain valid, leading to the challenge of determining whether an address is still active. Wasting effort on inactive addresses can be counterproductive, but luckily, there are simple methods to verify the validity of an email address. Here are some helpful web tools and approaches:

1. Email Checker:

One user-friendly and free web tool for confirming the status of an email address is Email Checker. You can access it at To use the tool, enter the email address you want to check and click the check button. The tool will run a check and provide you with information on whether the email address is valid or not. Also see how to check if email is active

2. Mail Tester:

Mail Tester is another web tool designed to verify email addresses without sending an actual email. Visit, sign up, enter the email address, and it will indicate if the address is active or has any issues. For those dealing with a list of emails, Mail Tester offers various paid packages for efficient verification.

3. Emailable:

Similar to other email verification tools, Emailable requires you to enter the email address and click the “check” button. It connects to the mail server to determine whether the email address is active. You can find this tool at, where you can check 250 emails for free after signing up. For additional verifications, Emailable offers various paid packages.

4. MyEmailVerifier:

MyEmailVerifier is a tool catering to both single and bulk email verification, claiming over 99% deliverability. With a user-friendly interface and a real-time verification API, it can be accessed at Explore this service to see if it meets your email verification needs.

5. Traditional Contact:

If web tools don’t provide the desired clarity, consider reaching out through traditional methods. Use alternative communication channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, phone calls, or seek assistance from a mutual friend. According to leadership coach Rebecca Zucker, maintain a positive approach as the person on the other end may welcome your contact.

6. Personal CRM System – Covve:

After re-establishing contact, consider using a personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like Covve. Covve automatically tracks your contacts, provides updates, and reminds you to stay connected. You can find Covve at

7. Networking with Covve’s ‘Network This’ Master Class:

Networking is vital for business and career success. Covve offers a ‘Network This’ master class filled with expert insights and actionable steps on effective networking. Sign up for free at to learn valuable networking skills from professionals.

In conclusion, ensuring the validity of email addresses is crucial for effective communication. Utilize these web tools and strategies to streamline your email verification process and enhance your overall business communication.